Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Journey Through Lent

This year I was motivated to do something for Lent. For those of you who aren't Christian, Lent is the season that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. Here is a detailed explanation of Lent, if you are interested. Most people associate Lent with a commitment to let go of some form of behavior in observance of the season. This year I chose to do something instead.

I had thought about what to do for Lent for a couple of weeks. I wanted to find some action that would be in service to someone I love. Once I really let go of the "how" and focused on the "what" (being of service to someone I love) and idea came to mind that seemed very obvious. All I had to do was get out of my own way. I decided to cook dinner for our family.

Whatever I did, I wanted to accomplish three simple tasks: have it be an act of service, do something physical, and get out of my comfort zone. Being the dinner cook does all three. Wendy doesn't have to cook, preparing dinner every night requires action, and I normally don't prepare meals that don't involve the barbecue. Cooking for Wendy, Shelby, and me was a bit intimidating but not at all daunting.

Once I made this decision another turn of events came into play. Due to unexpected circumstances I also became the culinary artist for my in-laws for the first week of Lent. Both my wife and mother-in-law are fabulous cooks, so........uh-oh. However, I soldiered on. The spirit of Lent 2011 for me is maintaining a helpful attitude and to look for opportunities to provide help to others. You get what you pray for.

Butter Chicken 
Brisket for Corned Beef

Veggies for Corned Beef

Fried Chicken and Fixin's

Chicken Parmesan with Oregano from Our Garden
Irish Soda Bread
The first week was fantastic. I prepared Cajun fish, corned beef and cabbage with Irish soda bread (for my Irish descended friends along with my family), fish and chips, London broil, butter chicken, chicken parmesan, tuna casserole, hamburgers, and my mother's fried chicken (which is unbelievable). I may have missed a couple, but you get the idea.

I plan on sharing with you periodically because this is a ton of fun. I am enjoying the cooking but am especially into being able to be of service to my family. Tonight I am making balsamic chicken. It is a staple around our house and hopefully will be good. My lessons right now are simple; serve others, seek opportunities to help, and have fun doing it. Bon apetit!

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